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Newgrounds back in 2000

2014-12-04 18:20:45 by Reaxrami

Must have been so cool back then

everyone is such retards

2014-06-23 00:21:50 by Reaxrami

i think i speak for myself when i say THIS

did u know that 58% of the 16 billionm population in the universe are retards and the other 72% are retardss to so you are a retartd but theres a .111119% population that is not retartd and that is me

think with ur brain not with ur ear

a brain wil alwayws thing for u

a  ear wil never hear for u

feel your brains not ur ears



again im gona be band for speakin the truth and if u think im a retasrds then ur heart feels weak


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